Saturday, 10 April 2010

Taking My Photos

After creating the plan for my magazine, I went on to plan the photos I would need to take. I found different locations in my local area that were appropriate and resembled the sort of places used for photos you see in real magazines. For example a vast deserted wasteland, a graffitied underpass and an unkept, wild hill-side. I then got a group of my friends to dress up in appropriate costumes - leather jackets, ripped jeans, aviator sunglasses, black eyeliner etc. and pose with props - a white bass guitar, a black electric guitar and a microphone, before taking over 200 photos of them. I felt that these locations, costumes and props would convey the rock and roll vibe I was looking for. I also went on take various photos of the props that I would need to use to enhance the layout of my magazine. For example, plectrums, guitar frets, brick walls etc.

Once I'd uploaded the photos to my laptop to check that they turned out well, I then uploaded the best 40 to Photobucket :-

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