Friday, 16 April 2010

3: What Kind of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why?

I think that a media institution such as IPC Media would be the best to distribute my magazine. This is because, although it already distributes music magazines such as "NME", "Uncut" and "Guitar and Bass" my magazine is aimed at a much younger audience than these, therefore there is a gap in the market for it. In addition to this, the fact that it already distributes such well known music magazines means that they have the necessary experience and loyal consumers who might be interested in a new branch of music magazine - "LIVEwire".
I did initially consider Bauer Media to distribute my magazine because it has over 80 influential media brands and reaches over 19 million people. However, it already distributes music magazines with a very similar target audience and genre, for example "Kerrang!". Therefore it would be unlikely to distribute a competitor to one of its existing successful magazines.

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