Friday, 16 April 2010

7:Looking Back At Your Preliminary Task (The School Magazine Task), What Do You Feel You Have Learnt In The Progression From It To Full Product

Since creating my school magazine my knowledge of using Photoshop has increased considerably. For example I now know how to make elements of my magazine stand out more by using drop shadows and outer glows. In addition to this, I learnt how to select parts of photos using the quick selection tool in order to cut things out. An example of this would be the guitar fret on my front cover which gives the magazine a more dynamic, 3-D appearance than my school magazine. I've also learnt how to download newer more interesting fonts, increasing the visual appeal of my magazine. As well as this, the complexity of my page layout has increased as I've learned how to use layers in Photoshop more effectively.

Overall my understanding of the software has improved greatly throughout this project because at the start I'd barely used Photoshop and now I have produced a professional looking magazine using it.

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