Friday, 16 April 2010

6:What Have You Learnt About Technologies From The Process of Constructing This Product

This is the Dell inspiron laptop I used to create my magazine on. I did use the school Apple Macs during lesson times but the majority of my work was done on this laptop.

I also used this memory stick to transfer the work I’d done on the apple macs to my laptop.

I used this Lumix Panasonic DMC-FS62 digital camera to take all of my photos.

I learnt how to use “Adobe Photoshop CS3” by creating my magazine and editing my photos on it.

However, I did also briefly use Adobe Indesign CS4 for the preliminary task.

In addition to this I created a blog account using “Blogger” to post all of my research and planning activities as well as my final magazine and evaluation.

I uploaded my photos onto “Photobucket” after creating an account, and then embedded the link onto my blog.

Similar to this, I also used “Flickr” to upload the final version of my magazine so that I could write notes on how it would attract the audience.

To edit my videos I used “VideoPad Video Editor” and also “Sound Recorder” on my laptop to record my narration.

I then uploaded my video to “Youtube”.

As well as this I used “Microsoft Office PowerPoint” to create my presentations and then uploaded them onto “Slideshare”, before embedding the links on my blog.

Overall I have learnt a lot about technology throughout this project; before creating my magazine I'd never used Slideshare, Photobucket, Flickr, Blogger or InDesign. In addition to this, I'd never edited a video or uploaded one to youtube before. However I now feel confident in using all of them.

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