Friday, 16 April 2010

2: How Does Your Media Product Represent Particular Social Groups

I have chosen to compare this picture of Rinoa from “Rock Sound” with the front cover photo from my magazine to explain how my magazine represents a particular social group.

The postures of both men are similar in the sense that they’ve both got their hands in their pockets. They also share similar facial expressions – both serious and staring straight at the camera, although Andrew’s eyes are hidden by his aviator sunglasses. In addition to this, both men are wearing similar costumes – jeans and a t-shirt layered with a shirt on top. As well as this, the background setting is very similar – both pictures were taken outside on a field with trees in the distance. However, the lighting used in the photos is different with one displaying a much brighter blue sky and the other a more overcast grey outlook. Also, they have different hairstyles – Andrew’s is longer, darker and covering his face more, whereas the man from Rinoa has shorter, lighter gelled up hair. Overall I think that these elements of the photos represent a normal young social group and that my magazine reflects this throughout – the people featured in my magazine are quite normal looking – there’s nothing extreme or obscure about their appearances.

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