Monday, 8 February 2010

Rough Sketches and Trials

After coming up with the name for my magazine, I went on to draw some rough sketches of possible layout ideas for the front cover of “LIVE wire”:-

I then tried creating my masthead on photoshop, using the idea I had from my mind map and some of my sketches to help. I tried using an electric blue colour and a dark red colour for the “wire”, as shown below :-From this I decided that the red version looked better than the blue. This is because although the blue was quite vivid and electric, the red version looked more like an actual wire and would fit in with my genre, rock/indie a lot better. As a result of this, I also decided that the colour scheme for my music magazine should be black, white and red.
I then made a quick rough front cover on InDesign using photos from the internet to give me an idea of the sort of thing my magazine could look like in terms of layout:-

Creating this rough front cover made me realise that for my actual front cover of LIVE wire I would also like to use a long shot photo of a band, but obviously one that I have taken myself. As well as this, I like having the guitar fret across the bottom, but would layer more headlines over the top for the real thing. Using these ideas I came up with this plan for my front cover:-

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